Which one is the best for furniture, Teakwood or Sheesham

Both teakwood and Sheesham are most popular choices in India for furniture making. But how will you make a selection. It depends on a lot of factors which shall be covered in this article.

Cost factor

Sheesham is cheaper than teakwood. If cost factor is the primary concern then this wood becomes the more preferred choice. However there are several other factors which you should consider other than the cost. Many times the cost factor overrides all other factors while making a decision.


Sheasham gets its flexibility because of the higher water content than teakwood. It can be bend to certain shapes. But that water content also makes it susceptible to humid conditions because it can bend. This can be taken care by polishing the surface. That adds on to the cost factor and maintenance.

Teakwood is more dry and dense. It has a higher strength. Teakwood is more termite resistant than sheesham.


Teakwood has a smooth texture. Being dense it can be carved with better designs. It has light yellow-brown colour. Teakwood is heavier. Sheesham has more grains and hence a grainy texture. You can also polish this wood to a smooth finish.

Final verdict on furniture making for sheesham and teakwood

For budget conscious customers Sheesham is a good choice and it can last long if polished well. In dry weather places, this furniture can last really long.

Even if teakwood is expensive, it gives a better look and finish. It is more durable and termite resistant. This makes it long lasting and better looking. Sheesham is the second most popular choice for furniture making due to the cost factor.

Kirtinagar furniture market is famous for custom & locally made furniture. It has shops which sell both teakwood and sheesham furniture as per demand. It is more easier to create custom design carvings on teakwood furniture.

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