ideas for 2022

Custom furniture design ideas for 2022

As year 2021 comes to an end we recollect the unique designs which we can carry forward for the next year. These ideas came out of discussion with clients and customers and we were happy to create them.

Angry Birds design bunk bed

This one is our top favourite due to the universal popularity of Angry Birds game and the movie. The bold and simple colour scheme of blue and yellow is eye catching to adults and children alike. It has lot of storage space to keep nifty items.

Hello Kitty Bed

In terms of cuteness factor this one is at the top of our list. It is simple but yet so attractive that we have got multiple orders for the same. the perfect design to go as trending ideas for 2022.

Read more about this bed here.

Car bed for boys

Cars are toys for boys. With a car themed bed, there is no bounds to their joy. We got this design idea from a customer who wanted something different than a bunk bed. What we created surprised us.

Like all our designs, this one too is designed and made in house by our master craftsmen.

Baby cot/crib with storage

One of the most practical ideas for 2022 is this baby cot with storage and one side movable. In this design one side can slide down keeping easy access to the baby. The bed is child safe and made with high quality paint and other materials. Cleverly hidden storage space is also neatly tucked in.

Why Woodscapes

At Woodscapes we believe in making custom masterpieces for your home. Be it a gift for your children or for someones wedding, we have all the solutions. Our master craftsmen can make your design as per your specifications. We have 30 years plus experience of manufacturing furniture as per customer designs at the Kirtinagar furniture market. We move forward confident into another year to serve you better.

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