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Two interesting furniture designs for January 2024

2023 has been an interesting year of trends which will continue in 2024 at least for the first half of the year. Last year was all about innovations in custom design. Almost all the designs were given by the customers themselves.

‘All in one’ leads the way

We were really thrilled about the success of this design. It is all the facilities that two children can ever want. The reason why this setup is in dual colour is that it can accommodate a boy and a girl. Deep and intense pink with subdued blue and white makes it the perfect place to study, play and sleep.

Another hallmark of this design is the amount of storage spaces available in this bunker bed. Every nook and cranny has nifty spots to store items of varied sizes.

A full size stairway for easy access to the top.

Essentials is the mantra

For those who like minimalist and essentials, this is the ideal design. Instead of rounded curves we have square edges and rectangular design. There are four essential parts to this design. The full size staircase leads to the top section for easy access. These is storage under the stair case. A wardrobe located next to the staircase provides enough space for those clothes. A bed next to the wardrobe completes the design. The top area can act as a play space or a sleeping area too.

The combination of white, green and blue gives the subdued look as well as gives the impression of space.

About Woodscapes

Woodscapes is a one of the kind concept in the furniture space. We create custom designs specifically made as per customer specifications. Our workshop has expert craftsmen who bring your dreams to life. Custom design might look like an initial investment but in the long run proves worthy of every rupee. Custom made furniture can last beyond a lifetime. Come visit us for creating the dream furniture for your home.

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