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It has been a long time since anyone has presented us with a design challenge. It is even rarer that someone comes with an ‘out of the box’ idea. Here is one such which has captivated our imagination.

Baby cot with a difference

Almost each and every baby cot which we have made till date is the one which is open from above. So this time were pleasantly surprised which we were given this design to create.

An enclosed design gives a kind of protective cover which is a space for comfort of the little one. This enclosed space provides your child with a protected space to play.

The design consists of a roof pattern shaped in a house complete with a window. The door part of the design is the wooden grill which also forms a barrier which can be raised and lowered.

Extra safety for your child

This design like all baby cots we make are made with child safe materials including the paint work. There are no sharp edges to remove the possibility of any risk. The whole structure is a composite of wood and fibre to make it light and give it strength too.

Soft padded cushions on all sides ensure a cosy experience while playing around.

Bright white colours combined with a shade of turquoise give this baby cot a eye catching appearance.

We deliver all over India. All our products are fully customisable and made as per client specifications.

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