Unlimited design ideas with Woodscapes

Our design ideas are client driven. They come to us with crazy ideas and we execute them for you. It is all this mix of creativity and passion for this work is what keeps us going. Shown below is a recent example of custom furniture idea as a set.

Blue the colour of trust and white the colour of purity

We get many custom orders with the colour scheme of blue and white. It is a nice combination because blue is a soothing colour. It is the colour of trust. With blue you cannot for wrong for any setting. Facebook uses blue, so does Paypal. So whenever there is finance and money, blue is the colour. This colour also represents a calm settings which is why it is used even in corporate offices. With this colour employees are able to focus on work easily with out distractions.

Can you use blue in the bedroom. Of course yes, without the worry of sleep. Your children will sleep with ease because of the calming nature of this colour.

White is the universally neutral colour. It add volume to the room and provides a lot of air and space around. It gets bright with white. Blue and white match well to as alternative colours.

Complete furniture set and a special design idea

Choice of colours is the most important while choosing for a complete furniture set. Since there will be each of this furniture set in every room, a correct colour combination will look good across the whole house.

Cabinet with open and closed storage space. A full height storage space to put away those nifty things.

Mini cabinet with closed doors.

Study table with L shaped design and glass door storage. Wide area for studying in two directions. This design allows your kid to change direction just to break the monotony.

Matching chair for study table

About Woodscapes

We at Woodscapes believe the concept of unending creativity at the right budget. Shipping all over India, we accept orders even on WhatsApp. Each of design is custom made as per client specifications. We use the best raw material and finish is the top most available in the market. We also ensure that no toxic chemicals are used in our products to keep you and the kids safe.

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