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Intense pink on a minimalist study table

People usually prefer study table colours simple and subdued. So this time we were surprised when a customer requested graphics and pink. Is this combo good to go for a study table? Let’s find out.

The science of colours and what do they say

Most of the classrooms prefer white because it is easy to maintain and gives a feeling of roominess and airy environment. But given a choice of colours, red, yellow and orange is chosen because it radiates energy and improves attention of students. Colours also simulate the desired activity levels in children.

In a corporate settings, however it is not advisable for the workers to get excited. Yes, a little bit of excitement is good but mostly people working need to be calm and be able to work for long hours. That is why in corporate offices, blue is the preferred colour.

There is another category of colours which soothe the mind, pastel colours. These colours remind people of warm and bright English summers. These colours are supposed to have a calming effect which is why pastel green or cream or even pastel blue is used for study table.

Pink is the only colour that evokes both excitement as well as calmness together.

How this colour scheme was chosen

This study table has clean edges. In order to clearly define the various sections a combination of pink, red and pastel pink is used. These colours are mostly covering the storage areas while rest of the table is a shade of white. This percentage of exciting colours is just enough to keep a child active while studying and specially targeted towards younger ones.

The pastel pink park also has a unicorn graphics.

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