Bunk Bed with storage and matching Study table

Two kids want their own sleeping space and an individual study corner but are short on space! Woodscapes comes to the rescue with the perfect solution. The bunk beds with matching study tables are trendy and can be customized according to the child’s choice of colour.

Spacious yet space-saving solutions with Woodscapes

Woodscapes USP is practical designs with craftsmanship and imagination. The size of the beds and study table can be according to the room’s space and the kids’ age group. The twin beds take up more space and hardly leave room for the study tables. With the twin bed system, one would get two in place of a single-sized bed.

Customization at its best

The mass-produced bunk beds cannot be customized in colour, specifications, or dimensions. Woodscapes allow customers to choose the colour, placement of the study table and size. The wall-mounted storage and study table utilize the available area and leave the rest of the room open without crowding.

It is always a pleasure to create the kids’ imagination and bring them into reality. Woodscapes mix it with their impeccable craftsmanship to provide the perfect home solution; without cramping the space!

Design No 1 – All about colour

Multi colour matt finish bunk bed with matching study table

The client specifically wanted multi colour design with vibrant colours. So we went for three basic shades, yellow, blue and pink. The shades were carefully chosen so that they are not too bright. Bright lights and colours do not help a child sleep. So instead of giving a glazing or glossy finish we have used a chalky or matt effect. 

The bunk bed has adequate space for storage in the form of shelves. There is a proper staircase for easy access to the top section. That section can be used as a secure play area or for sleeping. Beneath the staircase are storage spaces with multi-colour eye-catching door designs. 

Study table has drawers and storage spaces for books and stationary. The matching chair continues with the same design of pink and blue. The base colour of white is the same for both the bunk bed as well as study table.

Design No 2 – Mega space saver

Ultra space saving design which can fit itself within the smallest of the restricted spaces. Adequately spacious for both upper and lower deck. Access to the top is a vertical staircase.

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