study table

Two special custom designs for study table

We at Woodscapes bring out new designs every week. Out of the usual we do get some fascinating ideas. Today we shall discuss about two study tables.

Tom & Jerry design study table for kids and teenagers

Slightly dark shades of turquoise and yellow gives a sober colour. Bright colours create too much of excitement and will distract the child from studies. Rounded edges and smooth curves ensure no harmful edges for the child to get hurt. We have also minimised use of nails by using a unique design. Feet rest at the right angle helps your child’s feet to relax. Two storage shelves are easy to access and store nifty items. This design is customisable.

Pink and Brown study table

Continuing with the subdued shades for study table, we have pink, brown and white. This time we have plain and straight lines. Edges have made smooth to prevent any accidental cuts. This study table has been made with storage space and shelves. It occupies less space but can easily accommodate all books needed for study.

This table design can also be customised.

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