Our place is where ideas come to life

Do you have a furniture idea in mind? Do you want something different for your home? Are you bored of the regular foreign stuff which is sold in most furniture shops? Well, there is good news as well as bad. India is a mass market which is why you will see mass produced furniture everywhere. But the good news is that in Kirti Nagar Furniture Market, except for the main showrooms on the main road, rest is all custom furniture.

What is woodscapes

At Woodscapes we have a custom solution for you requirement. Each of our designs are unique and made to order. If you sit with us, we can explain you why custom made furniture is good for you. It lasts longer and is within your budget. You can be assured of the best quality.

Ideas is all that we have

We get a lot of ideas from clients. Our expert craftsmen have a rich experience in making customised furniture. Sometimes we get inspired by some really great ideas from customer. Here are a few examples of wonderful and unique designs which we made for clients.

A bed with storage for a child fond of mathematics, a bed with storage for a football fan and a racing car theme for study table.

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