Kirti Nagar Furniture Market : India’s biggest furniture hub

Kirti Nagar furniture market is one of the Asia’s biggest and India’s biggest furniture market. It was established in the year 1975. With more than a 1000 shops and stores, this market is the place to shop for all your furniture needs. It is the largest market in terms of size. It has extensive range of designer furniture. And range wise too it is the largest. This furniture market probably sells any furniture item you would ever want to buy.

Unique features of the market

It consists of two markets, one is furniture market and the other is timber market. In furniture market there are numerous showrooms that sell high quality furniture. And in timber market mostly consists of Saw mills, Timber shops, Workshops (where furniture is made), board ply shops and other raw material shops. Because of the presence of these two different kinds of markets at same place, virtually anything related to furniture is available here.
The market is accessible easily by road as it is located right on the ring road. It also has its own metro station, Mayapuri on the pink line. This allows easy access to all kinds of customers, be it bulk buyers or individual home buyers.
Wholesale markets around the world cater mostly for bulk buyers. Business in volumes means that the dealers do not have time for retail customers. But there is no such issue here. All kinds of buyers are welcomed in Kirti Nagar market.
Kirti Nagar market is the hub of customized furniture. Raw material market being within the same area, a few workshops have come up where furniture is made according to your specifications.

A guide for the right shopping

Kirti Nagar market is a shoppers paradise. Beds, sofas, dining tables and chairs, office furniture and commercial furniture. You name a product, it will be available here. But the main strength of the market lies in fulfilling customer requirement. The vendors here import raw wood from places like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Sometimes, wood is also imported. Similarly raw material like adhesive or plywood is stocked here at wholesale rates.

When customer gives a demand, it can even be a rough idea or sketch and the expert craftsmen then bring this idea to reality. It is the hard work of the wood workers and the marketing skills of the vendors which has given this place a unique nature.

As technology and lifestyle keep changing the demand for furniture also changes. Today, modular furniture and engineered wood panels are much in demand. The wood merchants in Kirti Nagar market have adapted to changing times. Modern tools in a modern setting workshop help workers to work faster and less turn around time. Customers even today look for customised turn key solutions to their home needs. It is of course the workmanship of the workers which finally counts.

The old school way of creating customised furniture as per design and sketch of the customer will hold its way in Kirti Nagar market because of number of reasons. First it gives a variety to the customers. Second it makes sure that customers visit again for different requirement. Loyal customers are reluctant to go for imported ready made furniture. Most of the time, the quality of furniture is not assured. Designs are too generic and it gets damaged during transportation.

Do you have any specific design in mind. In that case do visit Kirti Nagar market and see your idea come to reality.

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