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Flaming red and Sublime white – a car bed for your boys

They say boys love toys and what better option than a custom made car bed. Do away with the boring industrial design of factory made engineered wood. Bring home a custom made beauty which you little prince charming would love to sleep into.

Why a custom made car bed

You want to give the best to your child. But in the ready made furniture stores there are very few bed options for children. All these bed are factory made with one or two design variations. Agreed that they are available at a low cost and can be picked up almost immediately. But let us explain why our custom made car bed will put a smile on your face.

Unique Design

If you have an idea in mind, we can bring it to reality. A car bed is one such example. We got this idea from a customer who wanted something that his boy will go crazy for. A couple of minutes of discussion and we realised that he loves his cars. That stuck as an idea. We called our carpenters and wood workers and they also got excited about this new idea.

Long lasting

Ready made furniture uses engineered wood but the designs are fixed. Plus the quality of wood is not upto the mark. We use the best quality options which last long. Plus our painting and finish is made to last a lifetime so that the lustre never fades.

Support locally made furniture

Our wood workers work hard to create your designs to life. Hand made products made good gift options too. By purchasing furniture from us you know that the local workers will get paid and encourage to create more beautiful designs. This way you are contributing to the local economy also. Join with us to power the movement of locally made furniture.

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