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Hello Kitty bed for the princess

How often you think to make your daughter happy? She is the core of the family and her happiness is infectious. How about gifting her something she can use everyday. This was the requirement of one of our clients who had a basic idea in mind. We took this idea further down the road and here is what we created. It is something similar to the one which we posted last time, but this time it is for girls. Welcome to the kitty bed.

Design of the kitty bed

Instead of using just wood and paint work we decided to use faux leather and paste it into a pattern. Eyes and mouth has been created using this technique. Attractive colours like pink and white has been used. A dash of black completes the effect. Use of faux leather also gives the bed a long lasting effect and improves safety by a huge margin. There are no sharp edges left around and everything is covered with the faux leather. There is no wood part which is left uncovered which can cause accidental harm. This bed has been designed keeping in mind 100% safety.

Backrest has been kept large so that before sleeping you can recline and study or read you favourite book. The height of the bed has been made small enough so that a small child can easily climb on to it. Sleeping space is large enough to spread out. There is also a small storage space inside the bed so that you can tug things away which are not being used that season. Due to the size of the bed, you will have to order a custom size mattress.

We have used good quality material so that the bed can last for a long time. It will also be able to handle little bit of rough use as we know children tend to get naughty at times.

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