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Buy locally made furniture from Woodscapes and support Atmanirbhar Bharat

Not enough stress has been laid on the importance of going local and yet Indians have a special place for foreign brands. Due to which the local artisans are not getting their true credit. It’s high time that they do.

There are many benefits in buying from products that are made in India. These benefits are not just for the local crafters and artists but also benefits the buyer.

Money goes in the right hands

As we buy local, we do not pay extra charges that are otherwise added because of import duties and handling etc. The carpenter, the designer and all the artisans involved get the chunk of the price and thus helping the economy as well.

Better Understanding of the demand

While going into a shop, if the furniture has been imported, there is no scope for customization. Maybe you are looking for a 4-seater, but you need to buy a 6-seater because it does not come in that variable. But when you select a design, the local workman can recreate the same design for your room measurements. You would have a more personalized experience and you would be helping the entire community.

When we buy local, we are supporting a whole family and even a community

The finished product looks great but there are many artisans who are linked with it. From selecting the perfect wood and other raw material to make the furniture to giving you the finished, polished product many people are involved. Thus, when we purchase a study table, we are helping to feed not only one family but many families who depend on these sales.

Support and encouragement

These families have been working in the same profession for generations. With the changing times, they may have changed their equipment and working style but the future generations might also get into the similar field, but if we stop buying these products, we are not only cutting off their livelihood now, we are also cutting off future generations and hope.


There is a different charm in the handmade local products. Each curve and chisel are used in perfection to create an individual piece of furniture especially for you.

So next time you go for furniture shopping, pick the one which is locally made and not mass produced and imported. Go Local and support the “Make in India” and Self-Reliant movements.

Atmanirbhar Bharat with Woodscapes.

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