baby cot

Customisable Quilted baby Cot/Crib with storage drawer

Among the towering furniture showrooms of Kirti Nagar Furniture market there is narrow by lane where wood craftsmen and carpenters work. This lane has the workshops where customised furniture is created. Expert artisans create all kinds of furniture for the biggest furniture market in Asia. But customers cannot normally interact with these creators because they don’t have a store front. It is here where brands like Woodscapes come into picture.

We at Woodscapes create ideas and dreams into reality.

What do we do

We have a sit in with the customer to understand their needs. Main discussion point is focused around budget and then the requirement. We advise various options and varieties. This discussion cannot be done by the carpenters because they lack the necessary skill to convert an idea into a design. After that we discuss the schedule and delivery. At Kiriti Nagar furniture market, teak wood is imported from all over the country and sometimes the world and then converted to furniture.

We designed this baby cot for one of our customers. This crib can be placed in small spaces. The bottom has a storage drawer cleverly concealed but easily accessible from one side. This is a fully customised design which we have created on customer request. Happy to do it again. We have exclusive workshop and artist who create these designs for us. We also have our in-house designers.

baby cot

Speciality of this baby cot

Three sides of this baby cot is wooden grill. One side is quilted back. The front side can slide up and down for easy access. This special feature was requested by the client. There are bolts on both sides so that the sliding side can be locked. Complete wood work is child safe. The space below the cot has been converted into storage space. It can be drawn out to access.

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