bunk bed

Aesthetic Bunk/Bunker bed with matching study table for kids and teenagers – customisable

Bunk bed are everyones favourite. They have lots of advantages. First of all it saves space. Then it is togetherness as well as privacy. Lastly it is every child’s dream thing. What we have seen for so many years is that kids furniture is the most sought after in the home furniture category.

Advantages of a bunk bed

In a metro city like Delhi NCR home space is at a premium. Unlike other cities, Delhi still have semi large families. That consists of husband, wife, two kids and their parents. The standard layout in homes is 3BHK with the third bedroom almost as large as a study room. So either it is used as a guest room or private space. So here is where the problem comes. Each child eventually demands a separate room. That is simply not possible. Delhi being central location in North India, we get a lot of visits by guests for overnight stay.

The greatest advantage of bunk bed is that there is suddenly a space for two separate beds in the same space. Both kids get enough privacy as well as being together. Children love the concept of bunk bed. It is a prized possession and attracts them. A win win situation for all. Bunk beds made at Woodscapes are fully customisable. We sit with the clients and understand the kids and their requirements. The product is liked by all. Our products are made with premium material and workmanship. Once the children grow up you can enter the reseller market which is booming and in great demand.

Combo pack of bunk bed and study table

In the limited space options of today’s homes, a study table is a must. We usually get enquiries for study table along with same design as bunk bed. This adds a totally new charm to the bed room of children and they study good. Ordering for a combo works out cost effective too. The colours can be customised to match with decor and paint of the room and the walls.

In this article we have two designs of bunk bed as well as study table. They will help you to understand the wide range and design options of our custom made furniture.

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