Which is the most popular colour for furniture?

In our more that 10 years of posting on website and social media, we have realised that there is one colour which our customers prefer over all other options, turquoise. However there is something really fascinating about this colour and how it reaches us.

History of turquoise

Today any colour and shade can be easily blended with a matching machine and automatic blender. With the hex codes providing easy of use, you can actually blend something right down to the exact shade you want. But in the old times it was not like that. Colours were found only in natural dyes, some common or some extremely rare. For eg turmeric mixed with lime gives it a red colour which is used as sindoor by married women in India. On the other hand purple dye was extremely rare and it could only be afforded by the royals which is why it became the colour of royalty.

In the same manner, the colour turquoise comes from the gemstone used in ancient Egypt and China. Jewellery made from turquoise stone is suitable on any skin types ranging from blonde to brunette. That is another reason why this colour furniture will look great with any coloured walls and any other furniture. This colour also looks fabulous under any kind of lights.

Turquoise is a great colour for your home.

About this design

The good part about choosing this colour, is that it is suitable for both a girl as well as a boy. We have used flashing and exciting combo of orange and red graphics. Complete with external wheels, this is the perfect racing car design. There are also graphics covering the insides of the sleeping area. The top portion has an access on the dedicated staircase.

The combo of white and turquoise with circular port holes for better air circulation. There is a large amount of storage in the lower sleeping area with two shelves and rest portions are cabinets. There are also a set of drawers below each stair leading to the top.Overall the bed design is rounded in large circular patterns.

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