essential study table

Woodscape Essentials – Basic design study table for two

We at Woodscapes have a segment of customers who believe in the concept that minimum is beautiful. Though minimum design is stylish and practical, this category is also that with least budget. So today we have a study table with a minimum design.

Clean design

Colour scheme is a plain dark grey and white. It has basic lines and edges. The overall colour and design has been created keeping in mind zero distractions for the kids who are studying. A drawer and storage in the centre is common for both. There is a foot rest provided for both.

There is no additional storage space or shelves on the top or front. This design also has advantage that the study space gets maximum amount of light on the table.

Why basic design

  • Within budget
  • Best for coaching classes or institutes
  • Designed for classroom teaching
  • Customisable
  • Occupies least space
  • Can be crafted in short time
  • Bulk order possible

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