Racing car theme red colour furniture combo for kids room

Childhood comes only once. We at Woodscapes make it memorable with our widest range of custom furniture. In this article we shall explore one of the kids bedroom combo we made for a customer.

Why custom furniture

Woodscapes is a brand which represents hand made furniture. For three generations we have provided customer satisfaction and value for money to several families. Today in the commercial world we have ready made furniture flooded in the market. It is easily available, instantly deliverable and seemingly cost effective. But there are a lot of pitfalls. First is quality. Made with engineered wood, these furniture items do not last long. This wood also does not have a finish. There is a thin layer of laminate which starts peeling off at the edges. Most of the designs are similar with slight variation in style and colour.

Custom furniture however is the best way for urbanised Indians. Cost factor gets balanced due to long lasting and great quality. The most important factor however is the customisation. Furniture items made with specific design and theme are always a hit, not only with kids but adults too. Customised furniture also can be made as per the space available in your house. Furniture takes time to make but it also provides employment for so many people. Customised gift is lifetime memories.

Racing car design bed with matching wardrobe and study table

As per customer design and plan we provided a racing car furniture combination. The bed has been designed in a flaming red racing car design. The chequered white and black design reminds us of Formula One racing. Integrated wheels design completes the effect of the car. The length and width of the car is sufficient to allow a comfortable sleep and long enough to stretch to the full. 

The full length wardrobe comes with the same red and chequered black and white design on the edges. 

The study table continues with the same red and white design. The study table design is simple and basic. Foot support for sitting long hours. A drawer on the right side for keeping nifty items. Just above the table is an open book shelf with three slots large enough to accommodate books of all sizes. 

If you look closely, the design is simple and affordable.

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