bunker bed

Castle theme furniture set

Regular custom furniture orders have become routine for us. But what we look forward to is a complex design which challenges our design experts and expert craftsmen once in a while. This castle theme based multi furniture design did that to us. Once it was completed we were ourselves surprised that we could achieve this feat.

Loads of Pink

Pink is an intense colour. It bring about beauty and excitement. We have used dashes of pink to accentuate the overall white. Design is fresh and stylish but not too loud and the colour scheme fits aptly. This colour scheme can match with any other colour or decor in the room.

Surprises in every corner

If the theme is castle how can we create one without the surprises. Butterfly pattern back rest for the chairs. Crown styled door handle for the cupboard. Full height storage shelves. Two matching castle styled cupboards. A small storage in the left with its own mini cabinet. Incorporated in the design is the staircase on one side and a slide on the other. The space on top is designed to be used either as play area or sleeping area. 

Full utility

More than a bunk bed this one is a complete combo solution. With this one in place there is not much requirement for other furniture items like study table and cupboard. Nifty storage spaces are made available at different places.

bunker bed

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