bunker bed

Bunker bed with his and her space

Sibling love takes a new twist daily when it is a boy and girl. The last place they can come to peace is the bedroom. Families end up making separate bedroom for children. That is why we have created a unique design for a bunker bed for a boy as well as girl. We proudly call this his her bed.

Design of his her bed

The colour scheme of blue for the boy side and pink for the girl side has been selected for this bunker bed. The lower part of bed is designed in shape of a racing car. Chota Bhim cartoon character is the main graphic. Upper part of the bed is decorated with butterfly and flower graphics. The staircase is mix of blue and pink with superhero graphics. Bed contains ample storage space within.

Advantage of bunker bed

It is a space saving design. In todays world of large requirements in limited spaces a bunk bed saves a lot of space. There is also sufficient scope of storage space. A custom design helps achieve both these aims.

bunker bed

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