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Best furniture in Delhi

Kirti Nagar furniture market is the largest wood and wood work market in Asia. It is famous for the large and swanky showrooms lined on both sides of Sadguru Ram Singh Road. It begins at the four junction of Mayapuri Chowk and Mayapuri Metro Station and extends right upto Kirti Nagar metro station. On this road is a dense concentration of shops which sell all kinds of furniture. There is an intense competition for space on this road. Rentals hit the roof with some shops present there for decades now. Many customers who come here for the first time end up buying stuff from the shops on the main road. These showrooms sell some real good stuff. But it is the inside by-lanes which have the true hidden gems.

Why choose customised furniture

There is a general perception that readymade furniture is cheaper than customised. Some time back the only furniture available in the market was custom furniture made by carpenters. many furniture items were handmade onsite. With globalisation came the time of instant furniture made from engineered wood. This type of wood is made from recycled wood. This helps saves the environment by cutting lesser trees.

Engineered wood is actually artificial wood which is made from wood particles, fibers and binding material. It is available in different sizes and types like MDF, plywood, particleboard and veneered boards. Laminated surfaces bring about the convenience of easy maintenance and long lasting. Artificial wood is cheaper, easier to make and durable. Good quality engineered wood is hard to identify because of the large number of fakes and low quality products flooded in the market.

Ordering custom furniture is the only way to make sure the right quality of wood is used for you.

Woodscapes is all about customised furniture

With a long standing tradition of making custom furniture for more than 50 years, Woodscapes is all about meeting your design needs. We sit with customers to understand what is in their mind. This apparently time consuming process pays dividend in the long run. Once the design idea is ready we give the time frame and budget.

Working within the budget

The final piece of the puzzle is budget. With readymade furniture which is sold in supermarket stores it is easy to see the prices first before buying the product. You can also see the ready product right in front of your eyes. Those two key advantages are not there in custom made furniture. With this factor in mind we strive our level best to provide the clearest picture to our clients before they place the order. We have long experience in manufacturing this type of furniture. We shall always provide you with the most reasonable price.

Many players who provide custom made furniture face the problem of cost over-runs. Not with us. We have our own expert craftsmen who are consistent and hardworking. We follow the timetable strictly and within the budget. Like others, we even don’t have the 10% budget escalation cost.

High Quality Assured – affordable does not mean cheap

Customised furniture is always a high quality. Best raw material, original designs and best craftmanship money can buy. Budget options can range from affordable to lavish. But the quality is consistent across all budget options. Dimensions and finish with attention to detail is our USP. We always strive for the best.

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